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its been sooo many years since I've heard this song. thank god i was really bored came across dumbass mario which lead me back here all over again. if you are alive.. i just want to take the time and thank you soooooo much right. I played this song literally every day it didn't matter how my mood was sad angry ect. id just end up playing this song and id feel so much better at the end of the day, there are so many ways to describe this piece of work. I could go on forever about this but I won't i just want you to know that you are a great artist and please dont stop making music. (hopefully you are still around to see this) if not well.. it was still worth the write.

Amazing how time flies over the years huh? (hard to believe its been a decade since the game, and 6years since i first downloaded this song) this song makes you reflect over the year. every note and emphasis within it, puts you at ease. Truly an amazing piece of work that is still here today. shows it all. You sir have out did yourself and still do.

wewt wewt

hey buddy is there gonna be a stage 2 like seriously this is tooooooo good to just have a stage 1 i know its been years and what not but seriously this has gotta be the most greatest piece you have done my friend and thats obviously in my opinion but man i love it
i hope to get a response from you ive been a die hard fan of your work.. its always been soo damn amazing

Psybot responds:

Hey! nice to hear that you like it. i have been a little off with inspiration to make this kind of music lately. and i have forgotten quite a bit about it. but i have been trying to get it going again.
Maybe i will try to make a stage to just because you want it so bad =P

Thanks for your review!


I can tell this is going to be an enjoyable song...
make sure you repost this soon! gl with your converting problem wish i knew how to help


i can dance to this all this its simply amazzzzzing :D there's like no flaws in this song what so ever!!
this is a pretty amazing piece right here
5/5 10/10
keep up the good work

viewtifulday responds:

Thank you so much! :D

very very VERY relaxing

you should definitly make this extended at least 3 mins long i mean its good as is but just imagine if you could put a little beat in it ya know thats just me anywho perfect score

DJ-Corey-X responds:

Will add to it man,
Thanks for the review :)

finally found you

when you first posted this i completely for got to write a comment about how great this song was to me. luckily for you I downloaded castle crashers and heard this song and remembered you . (not that i personally know you but this song that you made) and that I somehow remembered what I was gonna say to you.
this is what i was gonna write
well idk how you did it, but im currently sorta snowed in... but i made a pathway out my door so i can chill out side, lol chill hence its cold anyways, lol sorry bad pun anywho. the matter of the fact is that ever time I go outside I HAVE to loop this song cause its the song that matches the snowfall and everything right now. but you know you really outdid yourself on this, like the other day i found my self listening to your song once more and i ended up in the woods and it just blew my mind cause... theirs no way to explain what was going through my mind... like maybe ill just use the word mindfucked to sum it all up lmao. but ya know thats what trance does when your walking around... sometimes you end up in awesome places that matches the song and its just a whole new experience, also it sorta feels like one of those songs where it just leaves you daydreaming and like you just make your own little imagination scenario and put that song in it to make it seem more epic ya know. like this song is seriously something else, I just get happy when i listen this song i hope you make more like this.

and that was pretty much everything of what i remember now heres a new review lol

its been three years finally found this song once more I managed to keep the song on an old mp3 the screen was broken and when i went to read who and what the song was it didnt show so i was at a basic cliffhanger on that but thanks to google and castle crasher convenience I mannaged to find this song once more, and lemme tell you I still listen to this song non-stop and i still do the same thing put it on loop and walk around smiling cause of how awesome this song is anywho this is seriously the longest review ive ever done in my life... i hope it wasnt an annoyance to you... cause man this song is still outa this world... and i hope you still make more like this man.

well thats all I got how it wasnt too much trouble to read cause thats literally the longest post ive EVER done. good work you outdone your self on this piece

hence for all to see this is the most godly trance song EVER!!
perfect score 5/5 10/10


i like it... if it was just a tad louder ya know
and.... possibly extended for a bit longer ya know...
i mean its pretty great as a loop too but I personally feel that this song has more potential in it

great work :]

few words to say

-ahem- Wonderful Wonderful remix perfect score.

o.o >.> o.o <.< :DDDDDDDD

is there anyway you can make an extended version when u can "preferably asap but im pretty sure u have stuff to do"... cause this is waaaaaaaaaaaayyy to good to be just nearly 3 mins long.
much obliged if you could
other than that... very rave-tastical
partying with my glowsticks for sure

well lets make it simple i log in log out... check facebook... rarely myspace... love giving opinions halfass life... dont give a damn what others say about me... and lets see what else.... idk... ima cool person once you get to know me :D

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