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that would definitely be me
aside from that i love the fluid animation

Lets make thi simple Its pretty funny The are its pretty amazing, most of all good work man.


words cannot describe how amazing this short animation is, from the movements to texture and the way each character feels.. you can literally see and feel the pain each one went through, its like you are physically there watching happen right in front of your eyes and you couldnt do anything about it.. this is true animation.. props to you 5/5 10/10

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Nyan Nyan! kitty go omnomnom! its sooo cute!


If you didn't read the author comments or the instructions of the game then its quite obvious why you are losing.. The first set of level 1/1 - 1/3 is the basic where you build up combo's the more combos you get the more hp you are able to receive, the whole objective is in the beginning you gather a lot of the hp from the easy combos that is set in the level then afterwords your objective is to make sure that you dont fall off and keep an eye on your hp you dont have to keep getting huge combos to keep your hp up just a (3) hit combo nothing more! once you got the hang of that you can pretty much rush through the whole entire game with ease. *HOWEVER!!!* if you die, your pretty much screwed that's where bringing up huge combo points come in the more combos you get the higher chance you'll get an extra life to last longer cause gradually but not entirely the game get harder unlike hard mode where its just hard from the start. JUST KEEP THE BASICS IN MIND: RACK UP HP POINTS WATCH YOUR HEALTH AND OCCASIONALLY RACK UP ON EXTRA LIFE POINTS AND YOUR ALL GOOD.

The Graphics and overall game play is superb to that of what I originally expected. and as for the obvious style of the game, it is that of Megaman and Super Mario, there is probably some other hidden references that i probably dont see but as for the boss that keeps appearing it very reminds me much so of the boss Emperor Ing from Metroid Prime 2: Echos. I do have to agree with some of the other NG fans on a few things, you should have considered a novice lvl where you can actually continue from where you left off (in my opinion that would be better) then followed by an easy and hard level (just like you have) with out the continuation further the gamers' game play (like a challenge if you will) though i do know that wasn't your intent for the style of the game play was exactly like Mario Bros. where you cant continue. I would also like to comment on another persons statement where they stated that "every time you are hit you get pushed back quite a distance and occasionally fall off and lose another life" I have to semi agree with this statement there has been a few times where i have actually ran into that situation until i found out how to use me falling off a cliff to an advantage and rack up on a lot of points. There is another thing that i would like to bring up, and that is the character movement, the movement itself is very sensitive when on land however when you dash there are times where its not as responsive or quick enough to turn around to prevent yourself from falling off a cliff. to put it in an easier way lets imagine the car was was on a wet road and the person slammed the breaks, the car will slide b4 its stops. that's what im getting at to the character movement it slides a little too much.
OVER ALL the game itself was very outstanding hopefully there is a part two to this game maybe you will maybe you wont that's up for me to decide. If i was you guys i would consider on working on another game and put it up for sale with Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo to further extend great games like this and make them more enjoyable on a bigger screen. well that's about all i have i feel like i've been talking forever but i had to put out my opinion on everything. this is literally the biggest comment i have ever wrote.
PERFECT SCORE 10/10 5/5 keep up the good work hope to see more soon
or a comment on this statement.


this game was amazing i got so excited when i got the side shots and i died lol other than that the game play is stupendous.... hope im using that right...
but yea the game feels and is challenging when u want to get a perfect combo and its great cause once you die you dont have to wait for the ship to come back
but anywho
where was your idea of the game based off of... cause when i play it, it reminds me of playing the new space invaders : Infinity
well other than that this game was amazing thankyou for bringing another great game to NG hope to see another

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its been sooo many years since I've heard this song. thank god i was really bored came across dumbass mario which lead me back here all over again. if you are alive.. i just want to take the time and thank you soooooo much right. I played this song literally every day it didn't matter how my mood was sad angry ect. id just end up playing this song and id feel so much better at the end of the day, there are so many ways to describe this piece of work. I could go on forever about this but I won't i just want you to know that you are a great artist and please dont stop making music. (hopefully you are still around to see this) if not well.. it was still worth the write.

Amazing how time flies over the years huh? (hard to believe its been a decade since the game, and 6years since i first downloaded this song) this song makes you reflect over the year. every note and emphasis within it, puts you at ease. Truly an amazing piece of work that is still here today. shows it all. You sir have out did yourself and still do.

wewt wewt

hey buddy is there gonna be a stage 2 like seriously this is tooooooo good to just have a stage 1 i know its been years and what not but seriously this has gotta be the most greatest piece you have done my friend and thats obviously in my opinion but man i love it
i hope to get a response from you ive been a die hard fan of your work.. its always been soo damn amazing

Psybot responds:

Hey! nice to hear that you like it. i have been a little off with inspiration to make this kind of music lately. and i have forgotten quite a bit about it. but i have been trying to get it going again.
Maybe i will try to make a stage to just because you want it so bad =P

Thanks for your review!

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1 Dubstepboy is obviously gay because he came here clearly he was check out that huge nutsack

Another masterpiece well done 5/5


you just made my day i love you i love you i love you!
you have gotta be the most best detailed artist ive ever seen in my life who can draw a marvel sooo perfectly
the most godly drawing ever!!!
are you gonna plan to do anymore...
cause i was wondering if you wouldnt mind doing Ironman and WarMachine
if that venom


ok your gonna like this... i was browsing through all your pictures...
i came across this one... enlarged it.... my laptop literally froze and shut itself off!!! twice!!
so i stole my sisters laptop to put down this comment...
i love it i seriously do.... you should make more space ones (when you got the time of course)

well lets make it simple i log in log out... check facebook... rarely myspace... love giving opinions halfass life... dont give a damn what others say about me... and lets see what else.... idk... ima cool person once you get to know me :D

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